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Bringing a puppy into your home is an exciting time, and there are a number of “firsts” for that adorable new addition—and puppy’s first visit to the groomer is no exception. Below I’ve provided answers to a few FAQ’s regarding your dog’s first grooming.

When should my puppy be groomed for the first time?

When a puppy first comes home, it’s important for him to have a few weeks to bond with you and get comfortable in his new environment. After that, it’s good to start introducing new things that will become part of his life and routine, including meeting his groomer. Waiting too long to bring your pet in for his first grooming is never a good idea—it’s essential to train your puppy while he’s young and give him a chance to bond with his groomer as well. This is especially true of larger breed dogs that can be more difficult for your groomer to handle the first time. It’s much easier on the groomer and your pet to train him while he’s still small.

What can my puppy expect at his first grooming?

As with anything new, your puppy may be a little apprehensive the first time he’s groomed. This is normal—it’s all new to him. However, he will soon realize there’s nothing to fear and may actually enjoy the extra attention he receives on his “spa day.”

At their first meeting, a good professional groomer will spend a little extra time petting and talking to your pet, making him feel safe and secure. The grooming will consist of bathing and drying your pet, cleaning out his ears, trimming his nails, brushing through his coat and clipping or trimming his fur, if needed. Most groomers will also include anal gland expression as part of the grooming process.

How often does my dog need to be groomed?

The frequency of your dog’s groomings will depend on his breed and the type and length of your dog’s coat. Your groomer will be able to give you a recommendation on what’s best for maintaining the haircut that you desire for your pet—but generally speaking, most dogs get groomed every 4 to 8 weeks.

What can I do at home to care for my pet between groomings?

The most important thing you can do for your pet between professional groomings is to brush him regularly. Depending on your dog’s coat, some dogs require a daily brushing, while others need to be brushed every few days. A dog with longer hair tends to develop mats more easily. Brushing him daily will keep mats from developing and make the grooming process much more comfortable for your pet. Even pets with shorter hair should be brushed often to remove the dead undercoat and help control shedding. You will need to invest in a good quality slicker brush and comb for your pet. Slicker brushes come in different sizes, but a large one is usually best, even if you have a small dog. Dogs such as labs may also benefit from deshedding tools like the Furminator. You can purchase these items at your local pet store or from your professional groomer.

If you want to bathe your puppy in between groomings at home, you will also need to buy some good quality shampoo. There are many different kinds of shampoo on the market—puppy shampoo, general shampoo, shampoo for dogs with allergies, etc. It’s important to find what’s best for your dog’s coat and skin. You can ask your professional groomer to advise you on a good shampoo for your pet.

What if I have questions or concerns about the grooming?

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s grooming, your groomer welcomes you to come to them with whatever is on your mind. Your groomer wants you to be happy with the haircut and to provide the best possible care for your pet.

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