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Client Testimonials for Double J Dog Grooming in Appleton, WI

Katie S. - Appleton, WI

I have been taking my dog Bella to Double J Dog Grooming for the past seven years. Bella has always had a difficult time with grooming; however, Jeannine has been patient and understanding in finding ways to help Bella through it. Bella always comes back looking great! Jeannine has been understanding when I have needed to reschedule last minute which is much appreciated. I highly recommend Jeannine and Double J Dog Grooming. She truly cares about dogs and does a great job every time! You won't be disappointed!

John and Cate B. - Appleton, WI

We have been taking our dog Gus to Double J Dog Grooming for about 7 yrs and have always been very happy with the care Jeannine has given Gus. She truly loves animals and beyond that she is a compassionate person. When Mya our son's dog passed away Jeannine sent us a card, it meant a great deal to us. Jeannine does a wonderful job, we will not take Gus anywhere else.

Katie K. - Appleton, WI

As a customer of Double J Dog Grooming for over a decade, we continue to be impressed with the service and care. Jeannine does an amazing job with our dog and really cares!

Angela T. - Appleton, WI

Jeannine does a wonderful job grooming my toy poodle, Foxey. She always comes home from her visit looking beautiful and smelling so sweet! Foxey loves Jeannine, because she is tender and kindhearted when handling her. I trust Jeannine completely in taking care of my little doggy and would not hesitate to recommend Double J Dog Grooming to anyone.

Debbie G. - Appleton, WI

My husband and I have been bringing our dogs to Double J Dog Grooming since it started and even prior when the owner had the Pampered Pet Mobile RV Grooming Service. Sophie and Jax always receive excellent care when they have their "doggy spa day" and come home well-groomed and smelling great! The owner is a very experienced groomer and she treats our dogs like her own. We trust her with our fur children and her shop is very convenient to our home.

Darlene V. - Appleton, WI

I have used Double J Dog Grooming for over 20 years and I can't even begin to say how great a service Jeannine provides. I have told many people about her and they all thanked me. She has something special that all animals sense and love her.

Linda C. - Appleton, WI

Double J Dog Grooming does an exceptional job grooming our dog and we highly recommend them. Jeannine is so patient and kind to our dog and the facility is so clean. We couldn't imagine taking our dog anywhere else.

Mary T. - Appleton, WI

Jeannine at Double J Dog Grooming has groomed my dog Peaches, a Bichon Frise, since she was a puppy seven years ago. She groomed my previous Bichon for thirteen years. Bichons are not the easiest dogs to groom and Jeannine has always done a great job making our dogs look fantastic. I would highly recommend Double J to all my friends.

Patricia P. - Appleton, WI

I have been 100% satisfied with Double J Dog Grooming. My little Cockapoo, Krysi, always looks so nice when we come to pick her up. Jeannine is a very competent and talented groomer. On a scale of 1 to 10, a definite 10. I highly recommend Double J.

Donna H. - Appleton, WI

Double J Dog Grooming has been my groomer for the past 10 years. Jeannine has always taken into account our grooming preference and made good suggestions for our particular breed of dog. I have recommended Double J Grooming to many of my acquaintances and they have always been pleased with the results.

Mary Ellen S. - Appleton, WI

I love my dog groomer because she is efficient, convenient and affordable. But most of all, my three dogs enjoy all of the attention given to them by Jeannine.

Jack and Darlene F. - Greenville, WI

We have been using Double J Dog Grooming for 8 years with one dog. Now we have two dogs and Jeannine treats each dog so carefully. The love and professional grooming she provides for our dogs makes us all feel relaxed when she has them. The shop is clean and well equipped, and our dogs come home looking so well groomed we have truly found our groomer forever!

Susan L. - Appleton, WI

I have been taking my dogs to Jeannine for 8 years. She provides professional, quality grooming services in a very relaxed, friendly environment. She is always able to work around my busy schedule. Finley comes home looking and smelling great! I have recommended Double J Dog Grooming to many friends and neighbors over the years and will continue to do so.

Finley, Susan's Dog - Appleton, WI

I have been going to Double J Dog Grooming for as long as I can remember! Jeannine takes such good care of me and I leave looking and smelling great! My owner thinks Double J Dog Grooming services are a great value and she appreciated the scheduling flexibility Jeannine offers. The cute little poodle next door is envious of my luscious looks, as are so many other canines. I tell them my secret is Double J Dog Grooming!

Sandie H. - Appleton, WI

I'm so pleased to give a well deserved tribute to Double J Dog Grooming in Appleton and the superlative groomer, Jeannine. She has provided the "beauty parlor" for my Lhasa Apso, Bambi, for the past 8 years and according to my Vet, likely saved Bambi's life. Jeannine saw a small dark growth on Bambi's back during a grooming session that I hadn't noticed. A quick trip to the Vet the next day and having the growth excised and biopsied indicated a non-malignant Melanoma that would surely have become malignant if left untreated and I could have lost my little dog. Jeannine pays scrupulous attention to all State health requirements, but over and above her very clean and well appointed facility, she listens to your concerns and wishes and makes a concerted effort to be accommodating. I guess the highest accolade has to come from my dog because Bambi loves this lady and clearly knows she will never be harmed or mistreated. When I tell her she's going to see Jeannine, that tail wags like crazy and she can't wait to get there. Every dog lover knows this is a major indication that their pets are receiving not just appropriate and efficient grooming, but caring treatment from a professional that clearly loves animals. Long story short, I just can't recommend Double J Dog Grooming highly enough.

Christopher C. - Shiocton, WI

I have been taking Ruby to Double J Dog Grooming for many years. I can't say enough about how well Jeannine takes care of her. Ruby is so well taken care of that she gets excited when she hears Jeannine's name. When I pick up Ruby she is very relaxed and very soft. Jeannine does a great job and also points out any care issues or concerns. I am happy to refer other people to Double J Dog Grooming for their pet care.

Brenda D. - Appleton, WI

Jeannine is the best! She does a phenomenal job in all aspects. This is my second dog that I have brought to her and am extremely satisfied. My first dog was easy, my second dog not so much, but you would never know it. Both of my pets that are totally different come home clean, friendly and confident which tells me something about her demeanor and way with animals. The environment is very homey and comfortable which makes it easy to leave my pets. In fact, between my two pets, I have been bringing them for 8 years. She is also very flexible which makes my life easy, I don't have to worry about anything. I would absolutely recommend Double J Dog Grooming.

Cheri S. - Neenah, WI

After a horrible experience at another "self-proclaimed" groomer, I reached out to the staff at my veterinarian clinic for a referral. Based on that referral, I discovered Jeannine at Double J Dog Grooming and have been a loyal customer for over nine years. Jeannine loves dogs and has a passion for her work; this is most certainly apparent in the service that she provides. Her years of experience, together with her education and training in the profession, provides a solid foundation for a great groomer. My first dog, a golden retriever, was prone to ear infections; so, at each grooming appointment, Jeannine would provide me with an update on the condition of the ears. When my "fur child" passed away, I received a wonderful card and telephone call from Jeannine. My second dog, a chocolate lab named Gracie, was 3 years old when I purchased her and in severe need of a good bath! Jeannine went above and beyond to fit Gracie into her schedule so that I could take home a clean dog. That first visit was scary for Gracie because she had never been groomed, but now she absolutely loves Double J! I have referred several friends to Double J Dog Grooming and they love it too!

Rick and Holly S. - Appleton, WI

We have been clients of Double J Dog Grooming for the past three years. Jeannine has done a wonderful job with our dog, Daisy, a schnauzer/poodle mix. She really looks great when we pick her up.

Dawn D. - Appleton, WI

We have been bringing our Shih-Tzu Sammie to Double J's for over 9 years and are extremely satisfied. She is always accommodating with drop off times and looks great every time we pick her up! I would recommend Double J's to anyone looking for a top notch groomer.

Barb G. - Appleton, WI

My dogs have been clients of Double J Dog Grooming for years. Before I was fortunate enough to find Jeannine, I used pet store groomers. When I became dissatisfied with the length of time I had to leave my dogs there and their reaction to the place when I would drop them off, I went in search of an alternative. Thankfully for my dogs I found Double J. Though the dogs still don't care for their nails being clipped, they love their baths, and are always happy to see Jeannine and doggie kisses follow. We love our Jeannine!!

Kim M. - Appleton, WI

Double J Dog Grooming has groomed our dog since he was a puppy and Jeannine does excellent work. She takes great pride in her work as she took the time to recommend the perfect length to prevent matting/knots and it looks great each and every time! I appreciate the proactive scheduling, her professional yet friendly attitude, and the reasonable rates....our dog appreciates the dryer "spa" and treats! I would definitely recommend Double J Dog Grooming to anyone looking for excellent grooming services in the Fox Valley!

Danielle and John B. - Appleton, WI

My dad and I have been bringing our dogs to Jeannine to be groomed since roughly 2004 and we wouldn't bring them anywhere else. Our dogs always look forward to going to the groomer, they come home looking beautiful and smelling great! It's a refreshing feeling to know we can drop Sasha and Bella off for the say and they're well taken care of by a trustworthy person.

Carey M. - Appleton, WI

Jeannine treats my puppy like its her own. Double J Dog Grooming is always clean and she's very organized.

Dave and Kim S. - Appleton, WI

For almost 8 years we have been dropping off our Golden Retrievers at Double J Dog Grooming and know we will return to a professionally groomed, and happy dog!

Kathryn K. - Appleton, WI

I have been taking my fur babies to Double J for about 8 years. I tried one of the chain stores a couple times, but it was too stressful for my dogs. This is a nice quiet facility. Jeannine is always happy to see us. I know the dogs like her too. When I pick them up they always run to her for a treat before they come and greet me! Highly recommend.

Loraine H. - Appleton, WI

Our current dog, Missy, is the third pet that Jeannine has groomed for us. We have known her since 1995 when she groomed dogs out of the Pampered Pet mobile unit. Our pets always look beautiful when Jeannine grooms them, and they are happy and healthy when they are returned to us. Jeannine confirms her appointments the day before and is very considerate of our schedules. I highly recommend Jeannine at Double J Dog Grooming to anyone who is looking for a groomer. She's top notch!

Jill R. - Appleton, WI

We have been customers with Jeannine for about 12 years with our sheltie, a border collie and now our collie. People actually stop as they walk past the house to tell us how beautiful our dogs always look and inquire as to who our groomer is. Jeannine's attention to detail is incredible. I can remember with our other dogs, bringing them home and having to re-trim feet and other parts to get them looking the way we want them to. Or changing groomers every time because they looked so bad or were actually hurt during the process. The care she gives them while at Double J you know is great. We all know if our dog hates going somewhere or was treated poorly and that has never been the case after our dogs have been there. Our present collie, frankly, hates being brushed at home or anywhere much less a bath, but she never hesitates to get out of the car or refuses to go in by Jeannine and always looks for her treat before she leaves. We can't imagine going anywhere else.

Ann U. - Appleton, WI

Double J Dog Grooming has been grooming our dog, Waldo, for the past 10 years. Jeannine, the owner and groomer, is a true professional. The kennels are always clean, she greets you and your pet with a smile and Waldo looks fabulous when finished. Waldo's tail wags constantly every time we arrive so I know he is treated with love and kindness while under Jeannine's care. We are completely satisfied.

Kelly C. - Appleton, WI

We absolutely love bringing our Libby to Jeannine! Libby loves to visit her and she gives Libby a great cut and treats her as her own puppy! We will definitely bring our newest addition to her as well!

Christine G. - Appleton, WI

For 20 years, I have entrusted my dogs with Jeannine and her talents. My dogs never had a haircut they didn't like. My pets are my children and are treated with the utmost of care. Trust is very important and that was established the first time we met when the mobile rolled up.

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